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  • Cossy Magnetic Building Tiles 120 PCs Set
    Cossy 120 pcs magnetic building tiles
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    Recommended by Educators & Parents

    The magnetic blocks keep my daughter entertained longer than any toys we've ever had. We use the tiles to learn colors and shapes to prepare her for school. We even use them to teach writing and

    Amber @kennedyandme, toddler mom

    Open-ended toys like Cossy magnetic tiles encourage creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. They have endless ues and allow for much more engaging play than a close-ended toy that does all the work for them. My daughter will play with these tiles for literally hours at a time.

    Kendra @kendraworth, certificated teacher, toddler mom

    I feel like this is the perfect addition
    to the classroom because it can be a fun just free time thing for the kids,like as a soft start bin in the morning or as end of recess or fun friday tool. But it can also be used to keep them super engaged during reading or math lessons.

    Bailey, 3rd Grade teacher

    One way I found to break up the monotony of book learning with creative play based on lessons is to ask children to build a structure using these magnetic shapes. The kids loved the lesson and it taught them a lot of soft skills like collaboration and teamwork. A fun lesson for kids that like to build and learn through play.

    Dr. Theo Nyame @homeschooldoctor, Harvard-trained, homeschooling consultant

    Cossy has amazing magnetic building tiles perfect for your kids to build and explore with! I especially love all the different shapes and unique pieces you get in a set. My
    students love HARD on them.

    Peyton @practicallykindergarten, kindergarten teacher, mama of 2

    I ask my students to grab a stem bin box and use their materials to build an item from the challenge cards. This promotes creativity, teamwork, problem solving and helps them flex their growth mindset! I’d argue that Cossy magnetic tiles are the most popular stem bin choice by my kiddos.

    Karima,@karimasteachingkorner, 1st Grade Teacher

    There are SO many fun and interactive ways to use these magnetic tiles to aid in reading instruction.It is so easy to differentiate per student and group because the dry erase markers work on them! I think I’m most excited for the word building and spelling practice.

    Megan, @hughesheartforfirst, 1st Grade teacher

    Besides excersizing their creativity and all the fun that comes up with building with the magnetic tiles, they are also a fantastic teaching tool.

    Chana @Jar of Fireflies, homeschooling mom

    Need a tub/center idea? These
    building tiles from Cossy make
    great gifts and kids have a blast learning their 2D shapes to compose 3D shapes! The possibilities are endless!

    Hanna @itslitwithmrsc, 1st Grade teacher

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