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Toys of Inspiring The Tomorrow

In daily life, parents will go to online shops to pick toys as gifts for their kids. They want to give kids surprise, express their love to kids through gifts, and make kids grow up happily.

But most of the time, These toys are just one-time surprise. These toys can not let kids grow up happily, kids only play once or twice, then they hardly play those. It exhausts parents. We found this is because most online shops just simply classify the toys according to kids age, which does not make parents understand the real needs of their kids, and also lack of thinking about the real needs and interests of kids. This is irresponsible for kids and parents.

In our life, toys play a very important role for freedom we need. For kids, toys give them way to a imaginative world of freedom, they can not only get happiness, but also get the inspiration of their ideal future. For parents, they can lead family life easier and more meaningful through toys.

That is why we created Cossykids,
devoting to developing toys that can give kids freedom and happy growth, helping parents to manage their life better with toys and information.


Cultivate Happy Explorer

In the society full of constraint and despair, we need freedom and peace to achieve what we want. So do kids. Toys can give way to a unique world in which kids' play is isolated and independent of the costraints of society, let kids freely explore the idealized version of what their life could be, gain happiness and growth, get inspired to their own future. 

The Self-Actualization of Kids and Parents

Our vision is inspiring kids and parents to achieve their full potential. With toys and information, we bring kids and parents from self-doubt to becoming the leaders of their own future. 



Our ideas comes from kids. We fully understand the kids' interests and hobbies, and then we develop the toys that are most interesting for kids, let them have much fun.

Easy to Play

Simplicity is the best for kids. Based on kids age, we use easy-to-play toys to reduce kids pain of playing. It can build kids confidence, and reduce kids' dependence on others, help kids be confident and independent.

Imaginative Play

Freedom is what we all need, so do kids. They want to explore and achieve what in their mind. We provide unlimited possibilities of playing, give full play to their imagination, let kids freely explore.


Innovation comes from the exploration of the world. We let kids keep thinking in the process of playing and constantly find new ideas through our toys, innovate gameplay, and improve their thinking ability and creativity.


We provide high-quality toy at a reasonable price, making more kids can play good toys and have happy childhood. We care the safety and environmental protection of toys, and constantly improve toys based on kids' experience and your feedback.

Basic Ability

The developmental needs of kids are not the same at different ages, we carefully integrate the difference of kids' developmental needs into toys, and let kids improve their basic ability in the process of playing.



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Safe and Durable


Imaginative and Creative


Create Good Value