3 Practical Tips to Pick Gifts for Pre-schooler 2021

Don't be surprised if your 4-year-old kids ask you to upgrade their scalable STEM toys. It's a good sign that your kids have sparked up their interest in the STEM area at the stage of Awareness. And the topic wouldn't be new to you if you have followed our channels for the latest parenting tips in STEM Education.

There are a few things you should know before choosing a gift for Pre-schoolers in 2021:

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The Importance of Growing with Kids through Gifts

Like Toddlers, Pre-schoolers are excited to open their gift boxes, whereas they start to know what gifts they expect to receive rather than accept what is given by parents. Gifting has become a bit more challenging to parents whatever they are planning to gift.

To totally cultivate their interest at the golden age – Pre-schooler Years, we are going to briefly review the key points. As introduced, Pre-schooler is the bridge to build up their interest in STEM and leverage their learning experience from Toddler through School Life. It's going to be more challenging for parents to come up with new parenting ideas as kids might have a few hundreds of "why" questions to ask you every day.

Most parents don't seem to have the proper answers to those raised by a kid born in the late 4G and early 5G era. Therefore, as a parent, learning with kids have become vital to influence kids learning more and more through STEM gifts, and unleash their potential in STEM curricula. The best way to do so is to grow with them together along with the scalable STEM toys or any inspiring things.

Gifts for Shaping Creativity Skillsets

"Why" conversations - that's a sign of being "curious" as a Pre-schooler child. Being able to answer your kids' questions creates trust between you and them. Little by little, they will have a lot of "data" in the head – this will enhance the foundation of "Awareness" phase, enabling them to be creative and acquire the ability to solve their specific needs with their creativity.

Your kids have given you a clear signal that they are hoping to have their toys upgraded. Kids are desperate to explore the unknown world driven by curiosity, wonder, creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. They are eager to show you the "creation" they have made. They can't wait to communicate with you or their real companions how creative they can be, and that's how they will acquire the communication skills.

One no brainer all parents can do is keep encouraging them to create more and more by showing them that you are proud of them. And of course, you should be willing to give them a positive "guide" that their parents are learning and creating something new every day as well.

Now, it is high time that you should learn to "be creative" and scale up the difficulties and interest in the STEM toys. Meanwhile, gifting plays a significant role in parenting kids, so it's wise to make the whole process more valuable to them. Still, creativity is the key for Pre-schoolers to get fully ready to acquire 21st-century skills - 4 critical STEM skills (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity).

Here's a list of innovative gifting ideas for shaping Pre-schoolers' creativity skillsets:

  • 198 Pcs STEM Construction Building Block

    product show of 198 Pcs STEM construction building block

Gifts for Enhancing the 21st Century Skills

What's more, 2020 marked a most historical moment of 5G's rollout. It was the largest deployment of any generation of technology despite the COVID pandemic raging. There's no doubt that China is taking the lead in 5G era:

  • 5G network size in China accounts for almost 2/3 of the current global 5G network coverage.
  • More than 60℅ of Smartphones sold in China are 5G capable.
  • Chinese technology companies are leading the world in scaling 5G ecosystems, breaking the 1000 RMB mark for the 5G Smartphone.
  • Beyond consumer business, China is encouraging and supporting using 5G in social and industrial development, generating values for all.

However, technology is no longer a subject to an individual country but to the whole world, related to every nation, every family, and everyone.

Since the world is changing rapidly every day, it has become urgent to educate our kids to grow and learn from a global perspective. From that perspective, parents have the responsibilities to adapt to the need of STEM training with a global macro mindset.

Starting with gifting, it will show how much you care about their growth in a world where everyone has a strong urge to learn and make our life easier with technology.

Gradually, they are going to surprise you again with creativity as well as thoughtfulness.

It's just a matter of time for them to progressively gain the 4 critical STEM skills (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity) through STEM education.

Gifts for Empowering Humanity

5G is all about Business and Social Responsibilities.

Thanks to technology advancement, 5G and the Robotics industry will make a great impact on Mining Industry, Health Cares, and more, for instance:

  • Fewer risks for mining frontline workers.
  • Higher possibilities to save more men's lives through a remote operation by a surgeon.

Nevertheless, humans must find the most effective ways to maintain robotics under control properly. They follow the orders by codes, while human beings are the ones who have the accesses to press the "pause button" in terms of "good" or "bad" intention.

No matter how advanced we are, the ultimate goal of technology is to eliminate Poverty, Gender Inequality, Hunger, and more and create a better experience for everyone.

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That's to say, being knowledgeable and professional in STEM areas is not sufficient to adapt to the fast-changing digital era and reach the mutual goals for the humankind society. It's optimistic to say that gifting has a great influential impact on shaping kids' global mindset at the golden stage – Pre-schooler Years (3-5 years old).

For more latest inspiration for gifts, stay tuned.