Latest Tips to Pick Gifts for Toddlers 2021

Receiving a gift is most likely one of the most exciting moments for most of us from Infant, Child, Teen to Adult years. However, gifting has never been a pleasant process for most of the gift-givers. To choose the best gift, you might want to do some research before you even walk into a gift store or click into an e-shop to start to pick item by item. It's not difficult to understand how much we expect to see the smile and excitement on our kids' face when they open the gift box. For that precious moment, we are willing to try to understand what our kids might like the most at different age levels.

If you're struggle of looking for the right gift, a few tips summarized below would give you some inspiration on gift shopping.

A girl is opening the gift in front of the Christmas tree

In general, the intention to send a gift is to give them an unforgettable memory for Birthday, Christmas, encouragement for some achievements in study or life, or any special occasions, especially for kids and teens. 'Actions speak louder than talks,' from the perspective of modern education, it's encouraging to gift them something meaningful rather than educate them with the talk and theories that might sound boring and "nonsense" to them.

When it comes to a "gift", somehow it becomes more memorable and valuable to them than ever. Kids usually would spend days and nights playing toys, reading books, or anything, with happiness, joys, and passion. In that case, gifting has become more and more important to our kids during their childhood. Meanwhile, parents are willing to spend more money and time choosing the right gifts to reach their ultimate goals.

Gifts for Inspiring Creativity

Earlier, we laid the foundation of the importance of inspiring kids' creativity, the goals of each age levels, to maximize the outcomes of their growing age towards an outstanding career journey. Most importantly, it's convincing to say the Toddler stage is the foundation, and Pre-school is the bridge to Middle Childhood.

For Toddlers, kids also have various needs and demands from parents for different purposes. To make this process easier, here is the highlighted 2021 must-pick gifts list that you would not want to miss in the Industry 4.0 era.

Having noticed the decreasing average birthrate around the globe, we started to understand it is critical to innovate the education system that would be the only way to help our young generation to catch up with the fast-changing technology and trend. Let's admit the fact that you might not be able to always be present with the kids, but you don't want to miss the most precious time to educate and company them, so you sort of expecting the "gift" play a meaningful role to bring more value to your kids. As said, toys are the best companions for Toddlers, especially the scalable one that can really grow with them in parallel.

Gifts for Cultivating the 21st Century Skills

Dating back to 5 years, we were amazed by 4G for the convenience it brought to us. However, 5G is being developed much faster than most of us could even notice. One thing we need to understand is that this is not only related to the young generation and the next but also young and senior professionals. We should be aware of these changes before it's too late to catch up with the development and applications of technology. Now, we will have to put our children on the table to find the most scientific and practical way to educate them during their golden ages. Let's start by saying that the critical 4C Skills (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity) are the 21st-century skills.

21 century critical skills

Despite the fact that it has been a controversial subject, the experimental school Astra Nova founded by Elon Musk aims to educate students to focus on complex projects and problem-solving.

In recent years, more and more innovation camps specialized in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education have been founded worldwide, in which mainly focus on Problem-Solving and apply to solve real-world challenges grounded in STEM areas, is sufficient to show that STEM education is the trend and the right way to go.

It is clear that technology advancement is accelerating innovation. No one should be left behind, from kids to adults, from those who live in villages to cities. It is time now to be engaged. We are encouraged to spend time thinking and picking suitable gifts which would influence a lifelong career of young men and women.Some innovative gift ideas listed below for Toddlers might give you some inspiration:

1. STEM Construction Building Blocks

STEM Engineering Construction Building Blocks imagination creativity for kids

2. Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks

3. Magnetic Shapes Building Tiles

A boy is happy with magnetic shapes building tiles

4. Puzzles

A girl is working on a penguin puzzle

If you don't have one of these types' toys at home, why not give it a try rather than always "traditional" toys, like teddy bears and dolls.

Generally speaking, the purpose of technology is to create a better experience for everyone. Unfortunately, we have been suffering a lot from the unforeseen pandemic mostly due to its high contagiousness. Although we have been talking about sustainability, there's still a long way to go. It's sad to see that there are still lots of people in poverty, dying from hunger, suffering from poor health and medical care. Today, we are going to bringthe 17 United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on the table again.

In addition to educating our precious kids the knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and confidence, humanity is something we should not miss. The definition of success should not be evaluated by wealth only, but also by the contribution to our society. We need more young professionals with high skills and qualifications, as well as humanity, in STEM areas to really take concrete actions to improve our experience, solve the problems, and reach the mutual 17 goals.

Along with the innovative gifts, parents and everyone around them should seize every chance to empower our kids more to unleash their potential through innovative education.

For more latest inspiration for gifts, stay tuned.