Why Parents choose Cossykids Magnetic Tiles?

We went to the toy library on Saturday morning and we have (again) brought a nice find! The toy library had received Cossykids (which later I found existing on amazon as well) magnetic tiles novelty and, starting to know us (we are fans of construction), the toy library told us: "I have something that should please you!". Suffice to say that my daughter literally jumped on it and chained constructions on constructions :).

A boy and a deer made of magnetic building tiles

Cossykids provide a magnetic building game that is both educational, creative and fun for young and old alike.

The range consists of basic geometric shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons.) with bright colors and modern design.

The main innovation of the Cossy Magnetic Tiles lies in the totally encapsulated magnets that turn on themselves for an instant connection between the forms regardless of the meaning.

Children can transform a 2D plane into a 3D figure with a simple gesture thanks to the demonstration booklet included in the boxes or simply invent their own constructions!

Geometric shapes attract in all directions, without ever being rejected, allowing the imagination to create infinite 3D structures.

Cossy Magnetic Tiles allows to discover the first notions of geometry and promises to its small users hours of concentration and fascination while having fun.

Cossy Magnetic Tiles love each other and it is possible to turn them in all directions to create new assemblies. The box offers several basic models, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated. This allows to give ideas of departure before detaching and give free rein to the imagination. The bright colors are unisex: perfect for a game not gendered :).

We can build all kinds of things: animals, buildings, vehicles, inventions… and Capital letters are also options to build 

Games in basic geometric shapes (squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons…) allow an introduction to geometry. For example, we wanted to build a sphere with pentagons and we had to think before we could assemble them: is it possible? How? Is it really a sphere in the end? Same with hexes.

It is important to inform the parents that the magnetic tiles are recommended from the age of 3 years.

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